Before spending money on something, we often ask ourselves if we really need it or could we do without it? It’s a valid question but the answer is a little complicated. While it is true that you can cook rice without a rice cooker, owning one adds so much convenience and perfection to the whole process that you will be glad you bought it. If you are thinking to yourself “But it’s not really a necessity”, I would say 90% of the equipment in a kitchen is not a necessity but they are there to help us and make our lives easier. All you really need to cook food is probably a knife, pan and a stove! When technology in the cooking business is advancing at such a fast pace, why not make use of it? All the appliances which we have in our kitchen in the technological world of today add to our comfort and ease. Rice cooker is one such appliance which provides its utility in not just the cooking of rice but many other recipes as well. They are not even that expensive! So why not invest a little bit if you are getting tremendous help in so many of your daily recipes? Still not convinced? Here is a list of reasons why rice cooker is a good investment:

  1.    If you’re not an expert, cooking a perfect rice dish is a challenge. Even the experts don’t get it right every time. You need to know exactly how much water to add, any mistake in this amount will result in overcooked or undercooked rice. You do not need to be an expert when using a rice cooker to cook rice, it will cook rice perfectly for you each time you use it! It has markings for the addition of water to make it easier for you.
  2.    Rice cooker adds convenience to cooking and saves your time. When cooking rice in a traditional saucepan, you need to stay in the kitchen and supervise or constantly rush to the kitchen to check its texture as you can easily get it overcooked or undercooked. No supervision is required with the best rice cooker click here to read more. Once you’ve added the ingredients, closed the lid and turned it on, the rice cooker will take over from here and you can utilize this time doing something else. It will turn off automatically when the rice is done.
  3.    Many times while cooking rice in a normal pot, the water boils and spills over resulting in a mess requiring a lot of cleanup. This is not a possibility if you are using a rice cooker.
  4.    Rice cooker is not just used for cooking rice. You can incorporate it in a lot of recipes for example vegetables, meat, pasta, mac and cheese, dumplings and more!
  5.    Rice cookers are cheaper compared to many other appliances. You can get a good quality rice cooker around $60 to $80.


Owning a food processor can saves you from a lot of kitchen work. This is because these machines can do so many things in the kitchen such as chopping and grating your ingredients, blending among others.

Whether you are a pro in the field of cooking or you are just a beginner and you intend to get yourself this handy device, there are certain clues you will need to help you pick the right one.


Processors just like any other appliances come in different sizes. Before stepping out of your kitchen to go looking for one, you first need to assess the space of your kitchen.

Look at the space of your kitchen cabinets to see which processors are going to fit there. This will prevent you from buying an over sized processor that will be a bother on where to store or one that just fills the whole space on the kitchen counter barring you from using it effectively.

The Amount of Food You Will Be Processing

Do you want a processor for use simply at your home or do you need it for use in serving bigger numbers? This should be the next question you ask yourself. Analyze the quantity of food that you will be processing and how frequent you will be doing it.

Of course, the more the food to be processed, the bigger a processor you will require. Small volume processors are fit for use at homes to make the usual family dinner or such. However, if you are many in the house, you might need one that can contain more food of course.



Various processors come with different accessories based on the kind of foods that they have been designed to mainly process. Picking one with the right tools for your use is crucial or otherwise it may not even be worth buying it since it will only disappoint you.

If you need a processor that can also blend, then the types which come with a jug blender are the best to choose. If it’s baking that you are more into, then one with a dough blade may serve you just right. You can click here to get the best food processor and their accessories.

The Size of the Bowl and Feeding Tubes

This is a very simple concept to understand in that; the bigger the bowl, the bigger the batches. Wider feeding tubes also mean that you can pass foods of bigger sizes through them maybe even without the need to cut them up first.

Can the Accessories be Washed Using a Dishwasher?

Washing processors by hand can be annoying and exhausting as you try to reach into the cronies to take out the food particles. Do you also have a dishwasher in your kitchen? So, why don’t you just go for those that can be cleaned using a dishwasher?

There are some types of processors whose attachments have been made in such a way that they can be washed with a dishwasher. However, always make sure that you read the instruction manual on how to wash the accessories or you could end up damaging them.