Whether you are a women or a man, what you wear is very important when you are on a golf course. Golf is a game for the elite and therefore a very stylish game. You have dress up to style and standard to make yourself fit in among other golfers on a golf course along with feeling comfortable. Your comfort is as important on a golf course as your style because you need a lot of focus while making your swing. If you are wearing an uncomfortable piece of clothing, you will constantly be irritated by it and loose all focus in the game. Many high-end golf courses have a dress code which you will need to follow strictly before you can set foot on it. There are some slight differences among different golf courses in regard to the dress code but the basic idea is the same. For women, here is what it looks like:


Traditionally, polo shirts with collars used to be worn by women playing golf. Even today, many women prefer the same style of shirts. However, nowadays, with the fashion industries evolving fast, different types of golf shirts are available. Most golf courses ban tank tops, sweatshirts and sleeveless shirts. However, some golf courses will allow sleeveless shirts as long as it has collar. In a cold weather, you can wear a light jacket, vest or sweaters. Denim jackets are not allowed by most golf courses.


Skirts are the most common among women to be worn on a golf course. Smart casual pants are also acceptable. If you want to wear shorts, make sure they are not above the knees. Jeans are strictly prohibited by most of the high-end golf courses.  If you are wearing pants, make sure that they are not too long on you and should not go below your mid-ankle.

Golf Shoes

Golf shoes are a very important part of your golf attire. Your golf shoes should be comfortable, flexible and waterproof. Most good golf shoes come with waterproof warranty. Conventional golf shoes used to come with metal spikes. These are prohibited now by most golf courses since they harm the grass. Ladies golf shoes with rubber studs or softer spikes are likely acceptable. For more in detailed guide about ladies golf shoes and top picks collection click here. One important thing to keep in mind is that your ladies golf shoes should fit you perfectly and should not allow your feet to move inside them except for leaving some room around the toes. This will give more stability while making a swing.

Head-wear and socks

You will not want to spend hours of a sunny day on a golf course without a sun hat or a cap to prevent the sun from hurting your eyes. A wide variety of golf caps and hats are available in the market for you to choose from. As for socks, short ankle socks are acceptable by most golf courses.

There is a wide variety of outfits and accessories available in the market for female golfers. Whatever you wear, it should follow the dress code, it should be simple yet stylish, and it should be very comfortable. Comfort is as important as style when it comes to golf attire because if you are wearing uncomfortable clothes you will not be able to focus all your attention towards the game.

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